NFT1 is our biggest auditorium. Offering maximum comfort and style, it also boasts a large stage, making it the perfect venue for major premieres, conferences, launches or presentations.

NFT1, BFI Southbank

NFT1, BFI Southbank




12.6ft x 30ft (3.8m x 9.2m), Matt white, mini-perf screen

Distance from screen to projector

Film: 16.46m / Digital: 17.44m


Digital: 2K Christie CP 2000; maximum resolution 2048 x 1080
35mm/70mm: 2x Kinoton FP 75 E-S Studio Projectors
16mm: 2x Philips FP 16 projectors

Film formats

16mm, 16mm scope, Super 16mm, 35mm all standard ratios, Super 35mm, 70mm, 35mm Nitrate, 3D Digital (Xpand system), 2D Digital

Variable speeds

10-30fps (35mm), 16-25fps (16mm)


5.1 sound, Dolby Digital, Dolby DMA8 Plus, Dolby E facility, DTS, Yamaha DME64N, 70mm 6 track magnetic sound and DTS 70mm sound, 35mm 4 track magnetic sound, 16mm and 35mm magnetic sound follower, 16mm optical & combined mag


SD and HD – VHS (PAL/NTSC/SECAM/), DVD (PAL/NTSC), Beta SP (PAL/NTSC), Digibeta (PAL/NTSC) – analogue or digital sound, Doremi DCP 200 Cinema player


Behringer Eurodesk MX 9000 24 Channel Sound Desk, 4 hand microphones and up to 8 table microphones, Lectern, Induction loop (for film and stage), Infra-red headphones (single channel), Live soft title facility on request, Communication units (2 walkie talkies & 4 hard wired), Laptop (PC), Hard wired ADSL connection


6x 1Kw Fresnels (on side stage bars), 2x 600w Profiles (Gobo A – size: 100mm: 64.5mm image size)

Audio theatre playback

CD, Cassette, Mini Disc

Audio recording

Mini Disc, Hard-drive, Cassette


6x 13AMP on stage, 4x 15AMP on stage, 1x 240v 63AMP commando socket, 1x 3 Phase 32AMP – with 20AMP breaker

On request

HD Cam, Blu-ray, S-VHS, U-matic (PAL/NTSC + HI/LO Band), Quvis ST recorder player, Kodak 35mm carousel, Laptop interface, Sohonet fibre optic link (up to 1Gb/second), 3 phase power supply, Firewire via DV bridge, Macbook

On request and at additional cost

HDCam SR, D, Mini DV, Wi-Fi for 450 people at the same time

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