NFT3 offers comfortable raked seating and a large presentation space in front of the screen, ideal for intimate talks and screenings.

NFT3, BFI Southbank

NFT3, BFI Southbank




11.6ft x 27ft (3.5m x 8.2m), Matt White, mini-perf, 3D roll down silver screen

Distance from screen to projector

Film/Digital: 15.94m


Digital: Barco DP100 2K; maximum resolution 2048 x 1080
35mm / 70mm: 2x Cinemeccanica Victoria
8 projectors
16mm: 1x Phillips projector

Film formats

16mm, 35mm all standard ratios, 35mm 3D twin projector interlock with polarised glasses (Left Eye/Right Eye as standard + Under&Over/Side-by-side by request), 70mm, 2D Digital

Variable speeds

16-30fps (35mm), 16-25fps (16mm)


5.1 sound, Dolby Digital, Dolby DMA8 Plus, Dolby E facility, DTS, 70mm 6 track magnetic sound, DTS 70mm sound, 16mm optical & combined mag


SD and HD: VHS (PAL/NTSC), DVD (PAL/NTSC), Beta SP (PAL/NTSC), Digibeta (PAL/NTSC) – analogue or digital sound, Doremi DCP 2000 cinema player


Soundcraft ‘Folio’ 8 Channel Sound Mixer, 2 hand microphones and up to 6 table microphones, Lectern, Induction loop (for film and stage), Live soft title facility on request, Hard wired ADSL connection


2x Parcan 64, 33 x 15AMP lighting circuits, 9x Fresnel 650w, various other lanterns available on request

Audio theatre playback

CD, Cassette, Mini Disc

Audio recording

Mini Disc, Cassette

On request

HD Cam, BluRay, S-VHS, U-matic (PAL/NTSC + HI/LO Band), Quvis ST recorder player, Kodak 35mm carousel, Laptop interface, Sohonet fibre optic link (up to 1Gb/second), Firewire via DV bridge, Macbook

On request and at additional cost

HDCam SR, DV, Mini DV

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