BFI Member Governor Election 2015

The results of the 2015 BFI member governor election.

Voting for the election of a new Member Governor closed at 12 noon on Friday 11 December 2015.

The number of votes cast is as follows:

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Candidate Votes    
Peter Kosminsky 789
Daniel B Miller 180
Keith Withall 174
Michael Salter 160
Claude Green 121
David Miller 120
Mark Newell 82
Aynsley Jardin 66
Sebastian Wheen 30
Total number of votes cast   1,722
Percentage of electorate   5.1%

Article 13 of rules for electing a BFI Member to the Board of Governors requires 10% of the electorate to participate in the election. In circumstances where this is not the case the Board of Governors will determine how to fill the vacancy. The Board of Governors will consider the election results at the meeting on 27 January 2016.

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