BFI National Archive teams

The BFI National Archive is managed by teams of specialists, who work closely to preserve, present and interpret the BFI’s large and diverse collection of film and television materials.

  • Gabriele Popp, Head of Collections and Information

    Gabriele leads in defining and delivering the strategic priorities for the BFI National Archive: in information, data and collections management, preservation and conservation, and developing public access.

  • Robin Baker, Head Curator

    Robin Baker, Head Curator

    Robin has worked in film exhibition, distribution, marketing and archiving for 20 years and manages the BFI’s team of curators.

In this section

  • Curators

    Meet the curators who maintain, catalogue and develop the collections.

  • Collections team

    Our collections team protects and provides access to the treasures in the BFI National Archive.

  • Documentation team

    Meet the guardians of the BFI’s Collections Information Database.

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