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BFI Mediatheques

The Mediatheque is a place to make new film discoveries and get reacquainted with old favourites, free of charge.


  • Anarchy in the UK

    This collection revives the original spirit of punk, telling the story of the music, its fans and its effect on the UK

  • The First World War

    A collection exploring life on the WWI home front and beyond, from astonishing non-fiction footage to epic film and TV dramas.

  • Shakespeare on TV

    A rich selection of classic televised plays and bold re-interpretations spanning five decades.

  • All Mediatheque films

    Browse all film and TV titles available to view in Mediatheques.

Simply log on at a viewing station and choose from over 2,500 highlights from the BFI National Archive, the world’s greatest and most diverse collection of film and television, free of charge. From home movies to feature films, documentaries to kids’ TV, many titles have rarely been seen since their original release or broadcast – if at all.

All Mediatheque collections

  • BFI National Archive

    BFI National Archive

    We care for one of the greatest collections of film and television in the world.

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