The Truth about Love

The Mediatheque gets amorous.

Join the Mediatheque on its journey through the agony and ecstasy of love – a trip through lust, passion and desire with a good helping of infidelity, unrequited misery and even a spot of murder thrown in for good measure.

Ten to try

The X-Rays (1897)

The 1890s’ latest scientific discovery is used to mischievous effect on a courting couple.

Who Would Not Welcome One? (1922)

The Valentine’s card, 1920s-style.

Rich and Strange (1932)

Does money corrupt relationships? A nouveau riche couple finds out during a world cruise in this early Hitchcock curio.

The Love Test (1935)

Scheming chemists in laboratory love triangle shock! Discover this fun Michael Powell quota-quickie.

Love Story (1944)

Terminally-ill Margaret Lockwood finds love in windswept Cornwall.

The Young Lovers (1954)

Love transcends the Iron Curtain in Cold War-era London.

Oh… Rosalinda!! (1955)

There’s love, lust and infidelity in this Technicolor updating of Johann Strauss’s operetta, Die Fledermaus.

Flames of Passion (1989)

Ingenious gay homage to Brief Encounter.

Coping with Cupid (1991)

A trio of platinum blonde aliens lands in Soho to investigate our romantic foibles.

Dog Years (2005)

A cute canine take on the love between a man and his best friend.

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