The COI Collection Volume Seven: The Queen on Tour

Official records of the royal tours and state visits of Queen Elizabeth II, offering unprecedented access.

Volume Seven of the COI Collection, The Queen on Tour, celebrates the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As Whitehall’s publicity agency, the COI – with unprecedented access to the royals – was the natural choice to produce official records of royal tours and state visits. In addition, it commissioned and supervised a variety of retrospectives on the Queen and her family.

Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne during a time of unparalleled change, both at home and abroad. Yet, despite the turbulent backdrop against which many royal tours and state visits were filmed, the onscreen images here maintain a diplomatic serenity; it was, and still is, the Queen’s (and the COI’s) job to cultivate strong relationships in a post-colonial world.

Highlights of the collection include: Royal Destiny (1953), a look at the Queen’s early life, made in the year of her coronation;The Queen’s State Visit to Iran (1961), a fascinating film of the royal visit to Iran eight years after a British and American-backed coup installed the Shah; Sierra Leone Greets the Queen (1962), a colourful record of the Queen’s visit in the year of independence; Britain Welcomes the Emperor and Empress of Japan (1971), marking the controversial state visit from Emperor Hirohito and his wife.

Disc one

  • Royal Destiny (1953)
  • Southward with Prince Philip (1957)
  • Princess Margaret in Mauritius and East Africa (1957)
  • Life of a Queen (1960)
  • The Queen’s State Visit to Iran (1961)
  • Royal Children (1961)
  • Queen Elizabeth II in Pakistan (1961)

Disc two

  • Sierra Leone Greets the Queen (1961)
  • Britain Welcomes the President of India (1963)
  • The Royal Tour of the Caribbean (1966)
  • Britain Welcomes the President of Pakistan (1966)
  • A state Visit to Turkey by Queen Elizabeth II (1971)
  • Britain Welcomes the Emperor and Empress of Japan (1971)

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