Molly Dineen Collection Volume Three

Parliament, the British countryside and Geri Halliwell are all brought into focus in this third volume of films by acclaimed documentarist Molly Dineen.

Molly Dineen is one of Britain’s most acclaimed contemporary documentary filmmakers, known for her intimate and probing portraits of British individuals and institutions, and recipient of numerous accolades, including BAFTA, Grierson and RTS awards for documentary. This is the final of three volumes that bring all her films to DVD.

Geri (1999, 89 min): Geri Halliwell, the most colourful and outrageous of the Spice Girls, has dramatically left the band. Two days later Dineen joins her as she seeks solace with family and friends, dodges the paparazzi, and embarks on her new career. This rollercoaster ride is a fascinating glimpse of fame and celebrity, and the personality behind that infamous Union Jack dress.

The Lord’s Tale (2002, 105 min): Dineen follows one of the greatest upheavals in the history of parliament: the abolition of hereditary peers. With customary sensitivity, Dineen puts a human face on the constitutional crisis, weaving together the strands of the personal and the public to make one of the most astute political documentaries of the New Labour era.

The Lie of the Land (2007, 90 min): As the country clamours for a ban on fox hunting, Dineen uncovers the unpleasant truths of life in the British countryside, where farmers struggle to survive under the weight of government legislation and the national indifference towards them.

Special features

  • Party Election Broadcast by the Labour Party (1997, 10 min): Dineen’s candid portrait of Tony Blair, a masterful piece of observational documentary as propaganda.
  • Exclusive new documentary featuring previously-unseen footage of Tony Blair on and off duty during his 1997 election campaign (2011, 10 min).
  • Interviews with Geri Halliwell and Molly Dineen on the making of Geri (2011).
  • Interview with Molly Dineen on the making of The Lord’s Tale and The Lie of the Land (2011).
  • Fully illustrated booklet featuring new essays and notes from Stella Bruzzi, Peter Dale and BFI curators.

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