A Taste of Honey

Image for A Taste of Honey

Dir. Tony Richardson

UK 1961 | Black & White | 100 mins | Cert 12A | Drama

Cast: Rita Tushingham, Dora Bryan, Murray Melvin

Shelagh Delaney's play A Taste of Honey had already played in the West End and on Broadway when Tony Richardson made his film adaptation, shot on location in Salford and Blackpool.

A 'Kitchen sink' drama about a young girl who, after leaving home and her selfish, sluttish mother, becomes pregnant after a short liaison with a black sailor who then departs. She then befriends a gentle, kind-hearted gay man, and they move in together like two children playing house, for a while finding an innocent but fragile happiness. A Taste of Honey remains an outstanding example of the British New Wave, shot by its star cinematographer Walter Lassally.

Available on: 35mm


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