Animal Crackers

Dir. Victor Heerman

USA 1930 | Black & white | 97 mins | Cert U | Comedy

Cast: Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx

The second Marx Brothers outing on the big screen, Animal Crackers sees Groucho’s Captain Spaulding return from Africa as the guest of honour at Arabella Rittenhouse’s party. Spaulding proves to be rather insensitive as he insults his host and engages in witty back-and-forths with the musicians, Signor Ravelli (Chico) and the Professor (Harpo). Confusion reigns as a valuable oil painting that is set to be unveiled by art connoisseur Roscoe Chandler (Louis Sorin) is replaced with a pastiche, before the thieves set out to blackmail their victim. 

Available on: DVD


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