Battleship Potemkin/Drifters (Dual Format Edition)

Dir. John Grierson Sergei M. Eisenstein

Soviet Union-UK 1925-1929 | | | Cert PG | Documentary | Drama

Cast: Various

*Available from 20 August 2012*

The second in this BFI Dual Format Edition series exploring the influence Soviet silent classics had on the British filmmakers of the 1930s.  This edition brings together one of the classics of world cinema Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 Battleship Potemkin with  John Griersons 1929 documentary Drifters.  Drifters premiered at the Film Society on November 10, 1929, on the same bill as The Battleship Potemkin, which was also receiving its British premiere. Grierson had previously helped to title Eisenstein's film for an American showing and its influence is clearly revealed in Drifters.

Contains: Balleship Potemkin, Drifters



Available on: DVD


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