Director: Various

UK 1952 - 1966 | Black & white, and colour | Documentary

Avaliable on: DVD

See Britain by Train is the second of the BFI's double-disc DVD compilations of British Transport Films. Combining favourites from the much loved and best-selling video series with additional material, it represents the very best of British travel filmmaking from the post-war era. This new collection focuses on the beautifully crafted and poetic travelogue films that were made during the 1950s and early 1960s to inspire the public to travel and to promote business. The films are very subtle in their message and whether promoting day return trips, party travel or family holidays, they succeed brilliantly in combining fantasy and reality. In images as diverse as bustling cities, scenes of idyllic rural tranquillity and majestic mountain landscapes, they offer an escapist paradise to a bygone era where permanent sunshine and adventure are just a journey away. See Britain by Train contains over four hours of footage.