El Baño del Papa

Dir. Enrique Fernández

Uruguay, Brazil, France 2007 | Colour | 97 mins | Cert 15 | Drama

Cast: César Troncoso, Virginia Méndez

It is 1988, and Melo, a Uruguayan town on the Brazilian border, awaits the visit of Pope John Paul II. Numbers begin circulating: hundreds of people will come; no, thousands, say the media. To the poor townspeople this means one thing: pilgrims in need of food and drink, paper flags, souvenirs, commemorative medals. Brimming with enthusiasm, the villagers not only hope for divine blessing, but above all for a small share of material happiness. And petty smuggler Beto is certain that he’s found the best business idea of all: 'The Pope’s Toilet', where the thousands of pilgrims can find relief …

Available on: DVD


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