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A selection of the best films available on 35mm from the Distribution Collection. (Please contact the Bookings Unit for further titles.)
Small image for Baadasssss!


Dir. Mario Van Peebles
USA 2004
108 mins

Bacall to Arms

Dir. Robert Clampett
USA 1946

Small image for The Bad Sleep Well

The Bad Sleep Well

Dir. Akira Kurosawa
Japan 1960
127 mins

Small image for Bande à part

Bande à part

Dir. Jean-Luc Godard
France 1964
95 mins

Small image for The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

Dir. Howard Hawks
USA 1946
114 mins

Small image for The Bill Douglas Trilogy

The Bill Douglas Trilogy

Dir. Bill Douglas
UK 1972-1978
108 mins

Small image for Black Orpheus

Black Orpheus

Dir. Marcel Camus
France-Italy-Brazil 1958
107 mins

Small image for The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel

Dir. Josef von Sternberg
Germany 1930
106 mins

Borom Sarret

Dir. Ousmane Sembène
France-Senegal 1963
18 mins


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