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Complete list of titles available on DCP format.
Small image for M


Dir. Fritz Lang
Germany 1931
111 mins

Small image for Madame de...

Madame de...

Dir. Max Ophüls
France/ Italy 1953

Small image for Madeleine


Dir. David Lean
UK 1949
91 mins

Small image for The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute

Dir. Ingmar Bergman
Sweden 1975

Small image for Mahanagar


Dir. Satyajit Ray
India 1963
135 mins

Small image for Make More Noise! Suffragettes in Silent Film

Make More Noise! Suffragettes in Silent Film

Dir. Various
UK 1899-1917
c.80 mins

Small image for Man with a Movie Camera

Man with a Movie Camera

Dir. Dziga Vertov
Soviet Union 1928

Small image for Manila in the Claws of Light

Manila in the Claws of Light

Dir. Lino Brocka
Phillipines 1975

Small image for Manufactured Landscapes

Manufactured Landscapes

Dir. Jennifer Baichwal
Canada 2006

Small image for Le mépris

Le mépris

Dir. Jean-Luc Godard
France/Italy 1963

Small image for Murder in the Cathedral

Murder in the Cathedral

Dir. George Hoellering
UK 1952

Small image for My Night with Maud

My Night with Maud

Dir. Eric Rohmer
France 1969
110 mins


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