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Complete list of titles available on DVD for non-theatrical screening.

The Hal Hartley Collection

Dir. Hal Hartley
USA 1990 - 2005
328 mins

Hangmen Also Die!

Dir. Fritz Lang
USA 1943
134 mins

The Happiest Girl in the World

Dir. Radu Jude
Romania-Netherlands 2009
100 mins

Happy Together

Dir. Wong Kar-Wai
Hong Kong 1997
96 mins

Harry He’s Here To Help

Dir. Dominik Moll
France 2000
112 mins


Dir. Henry Koster
USA 1950
104 mins

Havana Blues

Dir. Benito Zambrano
Spain, Cuba, France 2005
110 mins

Le Havre

Dir. Aki Kaurismäki

Head On

Dir. Faith Akin
Germany-Turkey 2004
121 mins

Heading South

Dir. Laurent Cantet
canada-France 2005
105 mins

Heimat 2

Dir. Edgar Reitz
Germany 1992
1509 mins

Heimat 3

Dir. Edgar Reitz
Germany 2005
679 mins

The Heiress

Dir. William Wyler
USA 1949
115 mins

Henry Fool

Dir. Hal Hartley
USA 1997
132 mins

Her Private Hell

Dir. Norman J. Warren
UK 1984


Dir. Don Levy
UK 1967
143 mins


Dir. Don Levy
UK 1967
142 mins


Dir. Michael Haneke
France 2005
118 mins

Small image for The Hidden Fortress

The Hidden Fortress

Dir. Akira Kurosawa
Japan 1958
138 mins

Small image for High and Low

High and Low

Dir. Akira Kurosawa
Japan 1963
143 mins


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