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Complete list of titles available on DVD for non-theatrical screening.

L'Age d'Or

Dir. Luis Buñuel
France 1930
120 mins

L'Atalante and The Films of Jean Vigo

Dir. Jean Vigo
France 1934

L'une chante, L'autre pas (One sings, the other doesn't)

Dir. Agnes Varda
France 1977
120 mins

Labyrinth of Passions

Dir. Pedro Almodóvar
Spain 1982
94 mins

The Lacey Rituals: Films by Bruce Lacey (and Friends)

Dir. Bruce Lacey
UK 1921-2012

Lady Chatterley

Dir. Pascale Ferran
Belgium 2006
168 mins

The Lady Eve

Dir. Preston Sturges
USA 1941
97 mins


Dir. Bertrand Tavernier
France-Germany-Spain 2002
170 mins

Lancelot du Lac

Dir. Robert Bresson
France-Italy 1974
84 mins

Land of Promise: The British Documentary Movement 1930-1950

Dir. various
UK 1931-1950
674 mins + 60 minutes approx extra material

The Last Mistress

Dir. Catherine Breillat
France-Italy 2007
116 mins

The Last Resort

Dir. Pawel Pawlikowski
UK 2000
77 mins

The Last Thakur

Dir. Sadik Ahmed
UK-Bangladesh-Switzerland 2008
81 mins

Late August, Early September

Dir. Olivier Assayas
France 1999
107 mins

Late Autumn

Dir. Yasujiro Ozu
Japan 1960
195 mins

Small image for Late Chrysanthemums

Late Chrysanthemums

Dir. Mikio Naruse
Japan 1954
101 mins

Small image for Late Spring

Late Spring

Dir. Yasujiro Ozu
Japan 1949
108 mins

Small image for Le Week-end

Le Week-end

Dir. Roger Michell
UK 2013
93 mins

The Legend of Suram Fortress

Dir. Sergei Paradjanov; David Abashidze
Soviet Union 1984
87 mins


Dir. Dominik Moll
France 2005
129 mins


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