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Complete list of titles available on DVD for non-theatrical screening.


Dir. Andrés Wood
Spain-Chile-France-UK 2004
102 mins

Mad Love (Three films by Evgenii Bauer)

Dir. Evgenii Bauer
USSR 1913-1916
145 mins

Mad, Sad & Bad

Dir. Avie Luthra
UK 2009
90 mins

Magnificent Obsession

Dir. Douglas Sirk
USA 1954
108 mins

The Maid

Dir. Sebastian Silva
Chile, Mexico 2009
93 mins


Dir. Barbet Schroeder
France 1976
108 mins

Major Barbara

Dir. Gabriel Pascal
UK 1941
115 mins


Dir. Lukas Moodysson
Sweden-Germany-Denmark 2009
125 mins


Dir. Lukas Moodysson
Sweden-Germany-Denmark 2009
125 mins

A Man Escaped

Dir. Robert Bresson
France 1956
101 mins

The Man from London

Dir. Béla Tarr
Hungary, France 2007
139 mins

Man of Violence

Dir. Pete Walker
UK 1969
104 mins

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
USA 1956
120 mins

Man with a Movie Camera

Dir. Dziga Vertov
Soviet Union 1928
138 mins

Small image for Manufactured Landscapes

Manufactured Landscapes

Dir. Jennifer Baichwal
Canada 2006


Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
USA 1964
130 mins

Mary & Max

Dir. Adam Elliot
Australia 2009
88 mins


Dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini
Italy/France/West Germany 1969


Dir. Lars von Trier
Denmark-Sweden-France-Germany 2011

Merci pour le chocolat

Dir. Claude Chabrol
France 2000
97 mins


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