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Complete list of titles available on DVD for non-theatrical screening.


Dir. Greg Araki
USA-France 2010
86 mins

Katalin Varga

Dir. Peter Strickland
UK - Romania 2009
85 mins

Katalin Varga

Dir. Peter Strickland
UK-Romania 2009
85 mins


Dir. Andrezj Wajda
Poland 2007
118 mins


Dir. Lodge H. Kerrigan
USA 2004
90 mins

Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle

Dir. Kenneth Anger
USA 1947-1976
179 mins

Small image for La Kermesse héroïque

La Kermesse héroïque

Dir. Jacques Feyder
France 1935
117 mins

The Keys to the House

Dir. Gianni Amelio
Italy 2004
102 mins

The Kid With a Bike

Dir. Luc Dardenne Jean-Pierre Dardenne
France 2011

The King

Dir. James Marsh
USA-UK 2005
105 mins

Kings and Queen

Dir. Arnaud Desplechin
France 2004
146 mins

Small image for Kirikou and the Sorceress

Kirikou and the Sorceress

Dir. Michel Ocelot
France-Belgium-Luxembourg 1998
74 mins


Dir. 749989
Austria-UK-Germany-France 2007
127 mins

Small image for Knife in the Water

Knife in the Water

Dir. Roman Polanski
Poland 1962
94 mins


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