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Complete list of titles available on DVD for non-theatrical screening.
Small image for Before the Revolution

Before the Revolution

Dir. Bernado Bertolucci
Italy 1964
112 min

Small image for La Belle et la Bête

La Belle et la Bête

Dir. Jean Cocteau
France 1946
93 mins

La Belle noiseuse

Dir. Jacques Rivette
France 1991
129 mins + 100 mins

The Belly of an Architect

Dir. Peter Greenaway
UK/Italy 1987

Benny's Video

Dir. Michael Haneke
Austria-Switzerland 1992
115 mins

Berberian Sound Studio

Dir. Peter Strickland
UK 2012

Better Things

Dir. Duane Hopkins
UK 2007
91 mins

Betty Fisher and Other Stories

Dir. Claude Miller
France-Canada 2001
102 mins

Small image for The Big Melt

The Big Melt

Dir. Jarvis Cocker Martin Wallace
UK 2013
70 mins

The Big Picture

Dir. Eric Lartigau
France 2010

A Bigger Splash

Dir. Jack Hazan
UK 1973

A Bigger Splash, Featuring David Hockney

Dir. Jack Hazan
UK 1974

Small image for The Bill Douglas Trilogy

The Bill Douglas Trilogy

Dir. Bill Douglas
UK 1972-1978
108 mins

The Birds

Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
USA 1963
119 mins


Dir. Marco Bechis
Italy-Brazil 2008
104 mins

Black Beauty

Dir. James Hill
UK 1971
101 mins

Black Cat White Cat

Dir. Emir Kusturica
France-Germany 1998
124 mins

Black Five

Dir. Paul Barnes
UK 1968
22 mins

Black Jack

Dir. Ken Loach
UK 1979
110 mins

Small image for Black Orpheus

Black Orpheus

Dir. Marcel Camus
France-Italy-Brazil 1958
107 mins


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