Good Morning / I Was Born But…

Ohayo / Umarete Wa Mita Keredo

Dir. Yasujiro Ozu

Japan 1959/32 | Colour / Black and white | 94 / 100 mins | Drama

Cast: Keiji Sada, Yoshiko Kuga, Chishu Ryu; Tatsuo Saito, Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Hideo Sugawara

A bright Tokyo suburb, buzzing with gossip and intrigue, is the backdrop to world–renowned Japanese director’s Yasujiro Ozu’s outstanding comedy, Good Morning. Disillusioned with the seemingly meaningless chatter of the adult world, two brothers take a vow of silence when their parents refuse to buy them a television set. With its dexterously woven plot, built on mishaps and misunderstandings, Good Morning pokes fun at the silliness of everyday adult communication whilst gently acknowledging its fundamental necessity. Also contains full length feature I Was Born, But…, Ozu’s superb early comedy, as an extra.

Available on: DVD


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