Havana Blues

Habana Blues

Dir. Benito Zambrano

Spain, Cuba, France 2005 | Colour | 110 mins | Cert 15 | Drama

Cast: Alberto Yoel, Roberto Sanmartín

Two young Cuban musicians Ruy and Tito share a dream of escaping Havana and making it big with their band Havana Blues. Tito lives with his wily grandmother Luz Maria who records her famed vocals in return for shots of vodka. Ruy lives with his hard-working wife and two children but this doesn’t stop him from charming his way into the bed of hot-shot Spanish music producer Martha. While in rehearsals for their first big concert, Ruy and Tito discover that Martha and side-kick Lorenzo are looking for new talent in Cuba. Facing the chance of a lifetime, Ruy and Tito have some big decisions to make.

Available on: DVD


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