Original title: Fallen

Directors: Kelemen, Fred

Cast: Egons Dombrovskis, Nikolaj Korobov, Aija Dzerve

Germany-Latvia 2005 | Colour | 88 mins | Drama

Avaliable on: 35mm

Matiss (Egons Dombrovskis) works at the Latvian national archive in Riga. One night he encounters a woman poised on a bridge. Passing by, he hears her jump into the water below. Later, consumed by guilt for failing to prevent her suicide, he deploys all his research skills in an attempt to discover her fate and identity. Kelemen, whose existential thriller unfolds in meticulously composed black and white images, is often likened to his Hungarian mentor Béla Tarr as a master of visionary cinema.

‘A moody, contemplative story of guilt and redemption set in the shadow of contemporary Europe, Krišana is a film of sharply focused intensity.’  – Dimitri Eipides