Director: François Ozon

Cast: Sasha Hails, Marina de Van, Paul Raoux

France 1994–2006 | Colour | 152 mins

Avaliable on: DVD

François Ozon is one of the most provocative and vibrant filmmakers to emerge during the 1990s. His dark, mordantly psychological films draw their impact from often disturbing explorations of transgression and sexuality and combine wry humour, sensitivity, and subversive insight with a talent for manipulation. This eclectic collection of seven shorts captures the talent Ozon would continue to display in his later feature films. Contains:

REGARDE LA MER (SEE THE SEA) (1996 / 52 mins) ACTION VERITE (TRUTH OR DARE) (1994 / 4 mins) LA PETITE MORT (A LITTLE DEATH) (1995 / 24 mins) UNE ROBE D’ETE (A SUMMER DRESS) (1996 / 15 mins) SCENES DE LIT (BED SCENES) (1998 / 26 mins) X2000 (1998 / 6 mins) UN LEVER DE RIDEAU (A CURTAIN RAISER) (2006 / 25 mins)