Private Road

Image for Private Road

Dir. Barney Platts-Mills

UK 1971 | Black & white | 91 mins | Cert 15 | Drama

Cast: Bruce Robinson, Susan Penhaligon, Michael Feast

Possibly even more ambitious than his 1969 film Bronco Bullfrog, Platts-Mills' stylish second feature relocates the youthful struggle for social and personal freedom to the suburbs of Surrey, Bohemian London and the untamed wilds of Scotland. Surely taking notes for his later Withnail & I (which he wrote and directed), a young Bruce Robinson plays Peter, pausing from finishing his first novel to shack up with receptionist Ann (Penhaligon). Sex, drugs and some vigorous rural living ensue, but Ann's well-to-do parents are not amused. Thought-provoking, witty and compelling, Private Road is well worth rediscovering.

Available on: DCP, DVD


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