Image for Sebastiane

Dir. Derek Jarman Paul Humfress

UK 1976 | Colour | 82 mins | Cert 18 | Drama

Cast: Barney James, Neil Kennedy

Sebastiane is Jarman and Humfress’s controversial, sexualised retelling of the 4th century Praetorian Guard whose human goodness leads to humiliation and martyrdom. Abstinence and indulgence, Christianity and Paganism: the oppositions stand in tension here. The heat of the Sardinian desert is powerfully captured on film with both cast and crew put through their paces, sweating it out Herzog-style. And Brian Eno’s distinctly moving score beautifully complements the directors’ superb framing, pacing and stunning slow-motion photography. The result is a glorious hymn to the living, breathing, very real, male body, and a bold, personal reclamation of gay history. (William Fowler)

Presented in a new 2K digital version, remastered from the camera negative. Available from February 2014.

Available on: DCP


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