The Farewell: Brecht’s Last Summer

Abschied aus Buckow

Dir. Jan Schütte

Germany 2000 | Colour | 89 mins | Cert 15 | Drama

Cast: Josef Bierbichler, Jeanette Hain

At the end of an exceptionally hot summer, playwright Bertolt Brecht prepares to leave his tranquil lakeside house to return to Berlin for the forthcoming theatre season. Most of the many women in his life are there: his wife, daughter, old lovers and current flames. The serenity of the countryside stands in stark contrast to the deep, volatile emotions of the characters: love and hatred, jealousy and egomania, betrayal and dashed hopes. And all the while, Brecht, superbly played by Josef Bierbichler, struggles to make plans for the future that fate is about to cut short.

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