The Heckling Hare

Image for The Heckling Hare

Dir. Tex Avery

US 1941 | Colour | 8 mins | Animation | Hollywood Classics

Cast: Bugs Bunny

Only three years old at the time, Bugs’ inexhaustible wits are pitted against dumb dog Willoughby (voice supplied by Avery). Both are tested to the full as they plummet from a cliff-top in a sequence that Avery milks with blood-curdling terror for almost a minute. The sudden end to the film is curious, and the original ending is said to have been cut short due to its similarity to a then-current dirty joke. It is also suggested that Looney Tunes producer, Leon Schlesinger, objected to Avery’s attempt to kill off Bugs at the end of the movie. 

Available on: 35mm


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