UK 1934-1940 | Black & White, Colour | 211mins | Hollywood Classics

Avaliable on: DVD

*Dual Format Edition*

Widely considered to be one of Britain's greatest documentary filmmakers, Humphrey Jennings has long been critically acclaimed for films which beautifully evoke everyday heroism in times of war and peace. For the first time ever, The British Film Institute will release the complete films of Humphrey Jennings. This, the first of three volumes, gathers 14 films from the period 1934-1940 and provides a fascinating insight into Jennings' early days as a filmmaker, learning and developing his craft.

Contains: Post Haste (UK 1934), Locomotives (UK 1934), The Story of the Wheel (UK 1934), Farewell Topsails (UK 1937), Penny Journey (UK 1938), Speaking From America (UK 1938), Making Fashion (UK 1938), Spare Time (UK 1939), SS Lonian (UK 1939), The First Days (UK 1939), Spring Offensive (UK 1940), Welfare of the Workers (UK 1940), The Farm (UK 1938), London Can Take It! (UK 1940)