Director: Daniel Nettheim

Cast: Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill

Australia 2012 | Colour | 101mins

Avaliable on: DVD

Tough, brutal and heart-stoppingly intense, this adrenaline-fuelled thriller, featuring a bristling performance by Willem Dafoe, is a gritty, powerful and nail-biting slice of tough, action packed cinema. Hearing reports of a sighting of the last Tasmainian tiger in existence, ex-mercenary Martin (Willem Dafoe) is sent to hunt it down by a biotech company who believes it carries a unique and valuable chemical. Posing as an environmental scientist, he begins his pursuit of the creature, only to encounter a nearly community riven with conflict and simmering tensions. But faced with hostile locals and even more treacherous terrian, he must stop at nothing if he is to find his prey...