The Valley (Obscured by Clouds)

La Vallée

Dir. Barbet Schroeder

France 1972 | Colour | 139 mins (inc. extras) | Drama

Cast: Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Bulle Ogier, Michael Gothard

A group of dropouts and dreamers search for New Guinea's uncharted Valley of the Gods, resulting in an odyssey of sexual and spiritual discovery. Barbet Schroeder’s beautiful second feature, The Valley probes the limits of experience and freedom – journeying into the unknown to the sounds of Pink Floyd’s especially composed soundtrack, Obscured by Clouds. Aided by Nester Almendros’ striking photography and the tribes people of the Mapuga – who allowed westerners to participate in and film their rites for the first time – the film is an authentic tribute to a liberating sense of adventure.(Available from March 2010)

Available on: DVD


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