Collection enquiries policy

Our commitment to you

  • The BFI Reuben Library is committed to assisting visitors and researchers by responding to their enquiries promptly and courteously. It is our aim to give information clearly, consistently, and authoritatively.
  • For researchers in the reading room, the staff on duty will respond to initial enquiries calling upon specialist staff where required. For remote researchers, we aim to respond to initial enquiries once received within two working days. Where we need to confer with specialist colleagues, including in other departments, more time might be required. However we will endeavour to keep you informed.
  • Staff will seek to answer all reasonable enquiries about materials held using the resources and collections of the BFI Reuben Library. Staff will allocate up to half an hour to answer individual enquiries. If the enquiry goes beyond the scope and service of what the Library can provide, a response to that effect will be made.
  • Enquiries related to donations or sales to the collection shall be forwarded to the relevant collection librarian, who shall deal with them directly and respond within 5 working days once received.

How you can help us

  • You can start to plan your use of the BFI Reuben Library by visiting our library webpages. Here you can check the online collections catalogue and find out information about the library and how to use it, which will help you determine how best to make an enquiry with us.
  • When you make a written enquiry with us please be as clear as you can and let us know if relevant, how your research has proceeded to date, as this will aid us in responding to you enquiry. Be aware that sometimes we might need to ask you further questions to help us best advise you in your research.
  • Should you wish to submit an enquiry, or have any comments about the Library, please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing

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