Our education mission at BFI Southbank

We work with people to develop their understanding and appreciation of film, to offer them new experiences of the moving image, and to extend what they already know.

We programme for, and with, six audiences:

  • Schools and teachers
  • Young people outside school
  • Families
  • Diverse communities
  • University students
  • The general public.

In common with our 5-19 Film Education strategy, we offer three tiers of engagement.

Tier one – the majority of our 45,000 learners come for one-off or introductory learning experiences at BFI Southbank, and many more browse our online education materials.

Tier two – education audiences can engage in a learning experience over a sustained period, such as an evening course, a holiday film school or our Cultural Campus programme.

Tier three – our top tier is for the c100 people across our audiences who we count as collaborators on our programmes. These include our African-Caribbean and seniors steering groups, our Lambeth Cultural Campus teachers, our Teach First summer placements and our Future Film programming group of 30 young people.

Woven through our programmes are three strands:

Research and Advocacy

We recognise the importance of evidence-based practice, and prioritise research in areas where we are recognised as leading advocates:

  • Formal education
  • Programming for young and diverse audiences
  • Tracking outcomes from film education.

We always aim to advocate film education from a position of practical knowledge, formalised as research with recognised HE partners.

Innovation in venue education and online learning

The 5-19 Education offer, running from April 2013, is the BFI’s UK-wide education programme. The role of our education programme at BFI Southbank is to innovate in the areas of film learning and audience programming – for all audiences, not just uner-19s – and to lead practice to inspire others.

We are excited about the possibilities presented by the Audience Network to build a community of cinema-based education providers in which BFI Southbank will be expected to play an important role. We also lead in innovation in pedagogy around films held in the BFI National Archive.

Collaboration and community building

Film is the ideal vehicle for building communities of interest, physically and virtually. Our programmes and resources enable us, with partners, to create and support networks of film enthusiasts, from a local after-school film club, to diverse communities of film-lovers across London, to groups of young documentary makers dispersed across Europe.

Useful links

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