Film education strategy

Last October we announced a BFI review of its strategy for film education, and we invited you to submit views and proposals.

We found them immensely rich and stimulating, and together with many conversations (including at the BFI Roadshows), they have helped us to develop a wide ranging policy document – which we have called Impact, Relevance and Excellence: a New Stage for Film Education. Here, you can download a PDF of this document.

We have organised our ideas around three themes: the value of film education, film education for all, and the role of the BFI. Underlying this approach is an attempt to reframe the arguments for film education, to think about the new education and technology landscape, and to find common ground between education and training (filmmaking is increasingly part of education, and building the skills of the future will require an underpinning of film culture).

The strategy paints a wider picture than our earlier initiatives (the creation of Into Film for 5-19 year olds, and the launch of the BFI Film Academy). It provides the context for these important investments, and also ensures that wider, as well as more niche, audiences are being addressed. Above all, we hope that it is effective in addressing a central question: the role of the BFI itself in film education. Our answer is that, on top of our role in offering leadership and advocacy for film education, every effort should now be made to turn the knowledge and assets of the BFI into rich resources for education, learning and training.

Paul Gerhardt
Director of Education, BFI

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