We provide research data and market intelligence to anyone with an interest in the UK film industry and film culture.

In this section

  • UK film economy

    Reports on how film contributes to the economy, both directly and through its influence on other sectors.

  • UK films

    Reports about films which have been certified as British.

  • Audiences

    Reports taking a closer look at film audiences.

  • Exhibition

    Reports looking at what’s happening in the commercial and community cinema sectors.

  • Theatrical

    See how feature films have performed in UK and overseas cinemas.

  • Film on DVD, TV and VOD

    Research about film on DVD, film on television and film on video-on-demand platforms.

  • Diversity reports

    Reports on diversity in the UK film industry.

  • Sustainable development

    Read our report on environmental strategy for the film industry and archives.

  • Cultural impact

    Reports on the effect of film on UK culture.

  • International

    A report on UK film export and international markets.

  • Research strategy for film in the UK

    Reports on research and policies for UK film.

  • Statistical Yearbook

    The Statistical Yearbook presents in one place all the available statistics on UK film and the UK film industry.

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  • Policy statements

    Read our plan for 2012-2017 and current policy statements, and browse our archive of publications.

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