About the BFI Audience Fund

Our ambition is to provide a greater breadth of films and to increase choice for audiences across the UK.

People throughout the UK love watching films. However, the choice of film available to audiences is narrower than it should be. This is especially true outside of central London where on average only 7% of screens are dedicated to specialised film.

Additionally, amid the growing complexity of the digital world, there is a danger that it will be increasingly difficult for audiences to pick out and find the film they seek. In this environment, the visibility and availability of British film in cinemas and online suffers and potential economic success is not maximised.

The Film Policy Review rightly asserted that respecting and understanding the audience is the key to making audiences grow. Our audience strategy recognises and addresses the increasing complexity of multiple platforms and seeks to ensure audiences are both empowered and find a greater choice of film whether online, in the home, in the cinema or on the move.

The Audience Fund will support a greater choice of films across the UK and is made up of four elements:

Film Audience Network

The Film Audience Network (FAN) is a major initiative developed by the BFI to enable film and events experts to work in partnership to boost film audiences across the UK, particularly in the areas of specialised and independent British film.

BFI Neighbourhood Cinema

BFI Neighbourhood Cinema helps people create a cinema experience in their local community venue.

Programming Development Fund

The Programming Development Fund aims to support the UK Audience Network by enabling exhibitors to back more adventurous programming.

Film Festival Fund

The Film Festival Fund has two priorities. The first is funding for regional festivals. The second is to enhance film festivals in the UK that have an international reach and profile.

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