Film Skills Fund

The skills and talent base across the UK plays a significant role in ensuring that the UK film sector is world-class.

The first call for funding for training, as part of Creative Skillset’s new Film Skills strategy, is now open. Organisations and individuals can apply for £750,000 in this first funding round to support training and skills development in priority areas identified by the industry.

Film Skills funding information and application deadlines

The BFI believes that investing in skills is vital but with increasing demands from a successfully growing sector, we are concerned to ensure that this skills base is effectively supported. We will work with Creative Skillset (the Sector Skills Council for the Creative Industries) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to develop and execute an advocacy plan to help ensure that investment is adequate.

Using research looking into the needs across the film sector in 2011, we will work with our strategic partner Creative Skillset and its Film Skills Council to develop a new skills strategy. This will be developed with further input from all parts of the film sector and will focus on the following priorities:

Developing new and quality talent

We will focus investment on establishing clear and coordinated career paths for new talent based on work experience, internships, apprenticeships and new entrant schemes as well as supporting skills development for those already working as film professionals. In line with the Film Policy Review recommendation, we will work with Creative Skillset, Higher Education Funding Council for England and the Scottish Funding Council to undertake a review of the three Skillset Film Academies to ensure appropriate public financial support is in place – similar to that enjoyed by leading music, drama and dance academies. In addition, because urgent development is needed, we will also create a one-off capital fund of £5m to support film schools across the UK.

Skills for the future

Digital technology has transformed the ways in which audiences access films as well as the production process. We have to build on our strengths in creative, technological and entrepreneurial skills if we are to remain competitive. We need to make sure that the UK anticipates technological developments and identifies the skills needs which are likely to emerge as a consequence.

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