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British certification and tax relief

Find out how to qualify your film, high-end television programme, animation or children’s television programme as British.

The certification unit is the first point of contact for applicants wanting to qualify their film, high-end television programme, animation programme, children’s television programme and video game as British in order to access the UK’s creative sector tax reliefs.

Based at the BFI, 21 Stephen Street, the unit offers advice on qualification under the creative sector cultural tests, the UK’s bi-lateral co-production agreements and the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

Qualifying through the cultural test

Qualifying as an official co-production

  • Co-production

    Qualify for tax relief as an official co-production for film, high-end television, animation and children’s television programme.

European Certificate of British Nationality

Apply for a European Certificate of British Nationality.

Download the latest information leaflet about British certification and tax relief:

Our activities include:

  • Assessing applications for British film, high-end television programmes, animation programmes, children’s television programmes and video games under the UK’s cultural tests.
  • Assessing applications for British film certification under one of the UK’s bi-lateral co-production agreements or under the European Convention.
  • Assessing applications for British high-end television, animation and children’s television certification under one of the UK’s six bi-lateral co-production agreements which allow television co-production.
  • Assessing applications for EC Certificates of British Nationality for film and television.
  • Offering one-to-one guidance to applicants on how to qualify under the cultural tests and co-production agreements.
  • Seminars and presentations on the qualification and application process.
  • Liaising with officials in Her Majesty’s Government and key industry stakeholders to maintain a pro-active and reliable service.
  • Guidance on British film, television programme animation and video game tax reliefs.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the certification unit as early as possible to discuss their applications. The unit is happy to meet applicants at any stage of development and work with them on their applications. For further details on the cultural tests or to discuss a particular project please telephone Anna Mansi, Head of Certification, on +44 (0)20 7173 3214 or email

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