Summary of points – cultural test for film

Find out how points for the cultural test for film are allocated.

  Cultural Test Points
A Cultural Content  
A1 Film set in the UK or EEA 4 points
A2 Lead characters British or EEA citizens or residents 4 points
A3 Film based on British or EEA subject matter or underlying material 4 points
A4 Original dialogue recorded mainly in English or UK indigenous language or EEA language 6 points
  Total Section A 18 points
B Cultural Contribution  
  The film demonstrates British creativity, British heritage and/or diversity 4 points
  Total Section B 4 points
C Cultural Hubs  
C1 (a) At least 50% of the principal photography or SFX takes place in the UK 2 points
  (b) At least 50% of the VFX takes place in the UK 2 points
  (c) An extra 2 points can be awarded if at least 80% of principal photography or VFX or SFX takes place in the UK 2 points
C2 Music Recording/Audio Post Production/Picture Post Production 1 point
  Total Section C (Maximum 4 points in total in C1) 5 points
D Cultural Practitioners (UK or EEA citizens or residents)  
D1 Director 1 point
D2 Scriptwriter 1 point
D3 Producer 1 point
D4 Composer 1 point
D5 Lead Actors 1 point
D6 Majority of Cast 1 point
D7 Key Staff (lead cinematographer, lead production designer, lead costume designer, lead editor, lead sound designer, lead visual effects supervisor, lead hair and makeup supervisor) 1 point
D8 Majority of Crew 1 point
  Total Section D 8 points
  Total all sections (pass mark 18) 35 points


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