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Funding for distributing and exhibiting films

We enable British and International independent films to connect with audiences across a range of platforms by supporting UK distributors, sales agents and exhibitors.

We give audiences more choice by awarding Lottery funding to widen the release of films in the UK. We also develop the export opportunities for British films by providing funding to promote them at major international festivals.

All Film Fund schemes

BFI Film Fund

  • Distribution Fund

    Distribution Fund

    We aim to increase access to high quality British independent and specialised films.

  • Film export funding

    Film export funding

    Funding to drive export opportunities for British films selected by important international festivals.

  • Joint Venture Scheme

    Joint Venture Scheme

    A scheme to encourage UK distributors and producers to form strategic partnerships.

  • Digital and cross-media projects

    Digital and cross-media projects

    We provide support for digital projects developed to increase audience engagement with a film.

BFI Audience Fund

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  • BFI Film Fund

    BFI Film Fund

    We are the film production heart of the BFI, and the largest public film fund in the UK. Each year we invest over £26m of Lottery funds to support...

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