Specialised films

Our specialised films database has details of all the films that would count towards the quota of specialised films for Digital Screens Network programming.

We have details of all the specialised films released in the UK since mid-2004, but there are obviously many more from before then. For example repertory programming of classic Hollywood or British films such Casablanca, The Big Red One and The Adventures of Robin Hood would generally qualify.

You can search and sort films by title, release date and distributor using the search box at the bottom of the list page. The most recent entries are at the top. Release dates are a guide only – it’s best to check with the distributor if you’re in any doubt.

If you have a question about whether a specific film qualifies (including any that you are distributing) then please contact us.

What is specialised film?

Our definition is quite broad, but to put it in context most of the films released in the UK (and around the world) are big-budget mainstream titles from US studios, and often fairly straightforward in terms of storytelling, photography and even genre. A ‘specialised’ film is a bit different.

For example, it could be:

  • a foreign language film with subtitles
  • a documentary
  • a classic or archive film
  • hard to pigeonhole
  • a film that tells a story in an unconventional, challenging way
  • a film that is more experimental with cinematic techniques
  • a film that makes you think, that isn’t purely for entertainment.

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