Carry On Jack (1964)

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Having just been made a midshipman, Albert visits 'Dirty Dicks' where he is lured into a room by Sally who knocks him out and changes into his clothes. Assuming his identity she then leaves to join Albert's ship 'Venus' bound for the Spanish Main, hoping to find her boyfriend. A press gang recruits the real Albert to his own ship, together with Walter Sweetly and they set sail under the command of Captain Fearless. The crew mutinies and Albert, Captain Fearless, Walter and Sally are put to sea in a long boat. They reach the Spanish coast and on the way home they board the Venus again. They set sail for England leaving the mutinous crew behind trying to persuade the Governor of Cadiz to capitulate. The crew, having been unsuccessful, manage to escape with five Spanish ships but off the coast of England Captain Fearless sinks them. Captain Fearless, Walter, Sally and Albert are hailed as heroes.

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