Lust for Life (1956)

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Life story of Vincent Van Gogh. Rejected as a Baptist missionary for being too close to the people of a rough Belgian mining town, and not a smarter representative of the faith, Vincent turns to art, honing his skills while living with his family. Rejected in love by a cousin and by a single mother he meets in a bar, he travels to Paris to stay with his loyal brother Theo, a prosperous art dealer. Vincent meets many impressionist painters and realises he has found a new way of painting. He moves to Brittany, supported by Theo, and has a visit from Paul Gauguin, though their friendship is sorely tested by their explosive discussions when they differ about art. Alone, lonely and desperate, Vincent cuts off his left ear. He has himself committed to a quiet asylum where he is well watched over. Not trusting that he will ever feel balanced, he shoots himself one day while painting in a field. Though he does not kill himself outright, he is fatally wounded.

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