Potomok Chingis-Khana (1928)

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Alternative titles

  • Потомок Чингис-Кхана Original
  • The Heir to Genghis Khan Alternative
  • The Descendant of Genghis Khan Alternative
  • Sturm über Asien Alternative
  • Storm Over Asia Alternative
  • Descendant of Genghiz Khan Alternative


Set against the background of the fight of communist partisans to seize control of Mongolia from the British, the story of a hunter who brings a rare silver fox skin to market, where he is cheated out of it, by a British fur-trader. He is then selected by the British military to present to the people as "the son of Genghis Khan" in an attempt to futher their interests. However, the young man eventually rebels and leads his people against their opressors. Based on a story by Ivan Novokshonov.

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