OUT 1 (1990)

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  • OUT 1 - NOLI ME TANGERE Alternative


Four separate stories are intercut: a young man receives an anonymous message which he attempts to 'decode' through reference to Lewis Carroll and Balzac's 'Histoire des treize'; a young girl uses some stolen letters to begin a blackmail campaign; a theatre group rehearses; a group hold obscure meetings in a bookshop. The stories begin to intermix.

Episodes: 1) De Lili à Thomas (91m) 2) de Thomas à Fréderique (109m) 3) de Fréderique à Sarah (107m) 4) de Sarah à Colin (106m) 5) de Colin à Pauline (89m) 6) de Pauline à Emilie (100m) 7) d'Emilie à Lucie (97m) 8) de Lucie à Marie (74m)

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