Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)

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In 1794 a sea captain exploring the antarctic finds Victor Frankenstein, who recounts his cautionary tale about scientific obsession. His mother died in childbirth and Victor has longings for his adopted sister. At University he encounters elder doctor Waldman and seizes on his work to try to thwart death, using parts of corpses to create a living creature. He creates a monster, but assuming it has died he returns to Geneva. Meanwhile the monster is escaping the townsfolk and befriends a simple country family, learning ("remembering") how to speak and read. Then he goes after his creator to seek vengeance.

Based on Mary Shelley's Gothic novel. Tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a medical student who creates a living creature from the parts of various corpses. Having completed the experiment, he is horrified by the result. The creature escapes, and Frankenstein returns to his home in Geneva. Despised and driven by a rage of emotional agony, the creature resolves to find his maker and take revenge.

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