Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

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  • Eyes Wide Open Alternative


Drama. Based on a novella by Arthur Schnitzler written in 1926, the story focuses on a young, wealthy, ostensibly happily married Manhattan couple, William and Alice Harford. As the story begins, they are on their way to a party given by Ziegler, a rich aquaintance. As events unfold during the party, including the near-seduction of Alice, which she manages to evade, they lead the next evening to Alice's angry questioning of William's feelings on, and honesty about, sexual attraction to others. She confesses that she has been tempted by other men in the past. Her `confession' leads William on a journey of self-revelation himself; he learns of a costume party being given outside the city which he gains entry to, eventually becoming involved in an elaborate orgy which leads him into physical danger.

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