O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

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Alternative titles

  • Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Working
  • O' Brother Alternative


Comedy. During the Depression, three escaped criminals, Everett, Pete and Delmar, are on the trail of a huge cache of money, having escaped from a chain gang. The first person they meet en route to the cash haul is a a blind African-American man who tells them that they will find treasure, but not the treasure they are looking for. Meeting a musician on the road, the three find themselves in a radio station, where they record a song, are paid a small amount of money, and hit the road, unaware of the fact that the record is a huge hit. On they go, having several adventures along the way, with Everett admitting that his real aim, rather than locating buried cash, is to seek the mother of his seven children before she marries another man.

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