Atanarjuat the Fast Runner (2000)

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Alternative titles

  • Atanarjuat Alternative
  • The Fast Runner Alternative
  • Atanarjuat - L'homme Rapide Alternative
  • Atanarjuat, La Legende De L'homme Rapide Alternative


Evil in the form of an unknown shaman divides a small community of nomadic Inuit. Twenty years pass. Two brothers emerge to challenge the evil order: Amaqjuaq, the Strong One, and Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner. Atanarjuat wins the lovely Atuat away from Oki, the boastful son of the camp leader. Then he takes Puja, Oki's sister as a second wife, rejecting her when she is found being unfaithful with his brother Amaqjuaq. Vowing retribution, Oki together with his companions Pakak and Pittiulak, ambushes the brothers while they are asleep, killing Amaqjuaq, as Atanarjuat escapes running naked over the spring sea ice in an attempt to escape the cycle of vengeance left behind.

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