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Costume drama set in Unasaka, north-east Japan in the Yamagata Prefecture during the last days of the Edo era (1600-1867) when the time of the Samurai is almost over - duels are forbidden and the sword is no longer as respected as it used to be. Seibei, a recently widowed, low-ranking samurai is struggling to bring up his two daughters as well as looking after a sick mother. He chooses to go home every evening instead of drinking with his fellow employees thus earning the nickname Tasogare Seibei (Twilight Samurai) from his fellow warriors. When his recently divorced childhood friend Tomoe is attacked by her ex-husband, Seibei ends up defending her and winning in a duel with only a wooden stick. News of his deed soon spreads. Reluctantly, he finds himself drawn into violent disputes within his clan. Meanwhile, his greatest wish is to marry Tomoe.

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